1. In case of bad weather (i.e. rain or wind), we may suggest you choose another day to move.  If you decide to move when the weather is less than ideal, we are not responsible for weather related damage. Precautions must be taken for safety. The moving pace will be slower.

  2. Boxes and packing material will be brought to the job site only if requested in advance.  Normally, moving trucks don't carry boxes, tape, bubble wrap or packing paper. Regular moving equipment is supplied such as moving blankets, handtrucks, tie downs and dollies.

  3. Wait time at Military gates will be part of the hourly charge.

  4. Price Quotes: Kama'aina movers charges an hourly rate which is determined by the number of movers requested.  A rough estimate, guesstimate or a ballpark figure over the phone does not constitute a quote.  If we physically come to your home and give you a written quote, that's defined as a quote. Anything else is an hourly charge.

  5. Steep inclines, hi-grade parking, hazardous or dangerous situations could result in us declining the move or possibility needing more workers to complete the job.

  6. Hostile situations or kids running around could result in us declining the move.

  7. Case by case situation, when a customer packs their own furniture or boxes, we are not responsible for related damage.

  8. For insurance purposes, a customer will not be able to help on the moving truck.

  9. Reserves the right to waive responsibility for any item the movers feel cannot be moved safely. Waiver forms must be signed before move begins.

  10. Reserves the right to refuse to move items we feel is unsafe to move.

  11. There will be a $50/hour waiting fee rounded to the nearest quarter hour if the movers have to wait for you to get keys, sign your lease, show up at pickup or drop off locations, etc.

  12. There will be mileage fees (fuel surcharges) for moves that take the movers outside the FREE service area.

  13. Reserves the right to reschedule moves to the next available time slot due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

  14. Will not take any responsibility for any natural stone item. (Ex: Granite Travertine, Marble, Limestone, exc.)

  15. There is a $50.00 cancellation/reschedule fee if you decide to Cancel or reschedule your move the day of the move. To avoid this fee please cancel or reschedule your move 24-48 hrs in advance

  16. If the move requires work other than the job description, we reserves the right to fulfill other obligations before completing additional work.

  17. We reserve the right to reschedule the move at an agreed upon time, without liability if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to , rain , wind, etc.

  18. Our personnel will move your pianos, appliances, and items over 300 lbs, if the work can be done safely. Unfortunately, damage may result to floor surfaces. If you wish to take this risk Kamaaina Movers will not be responsible.

  19. Will not take a truck off pavement or on steep grades. Kamaaina Movers will not drive a truck over freshly graveled driveways. Any time spent positioning the truck(s) or time lost due to truck(s) getting stuck will be at customer’s expense. At the end of the job, the clock does not stop until our truck(s) are back on the municipal street.

  20. Will not do anything that we feel is unsafe. The safety of any activity or move is at the discretion of the Foreman/Driver.

  21. Will not work in un-floored attics. Ceiling damage and personal injury may result. Kamaaina Movers assumes no responsibility for ceilings.

  22. The process of removing drawers must be done in the presence of the customer or their agent.

  23. Personal valuables (i.e. money, jewelry or handbags) should be packed and put away before our arrival. Will not be responsible for mistaken placement.

  24. Please don't offer our moving crew gifts, unwanted household items or hand-outs either in bad or good condition, company policy for all moving trucks to return empty other than with moving equipment.

  25. Shall not be responsible for damage resulting when moving household items that have deteriorated such as but not limited to lamp shades, mattresses etc.

  26. Kamaaina Movers will not be held liable for damages to the internal workings of any electrical appliance...such as refrigerators, electronic devices: i.e. TV's and etc. With the transport of any electrical/electronic device it is quite possible for damage to occur which is not caused by our movers. Just in the movement of an item itself, wires or circuitry can come loose. This is totally beyond our control and thus, not something we will accept liability for!

  27. Mattresses can lump and disfigure upon disturbing.

  28. Shall not be responsible for damage to items requiring special instructions if customer fails to provide such instructions including, but not limited to, disassemble or Assembly of said items and any special preparation required.

  29. Assumes no liability or responsibility for any items and cargo placed in the customer’s own vehicle or rental equipment and which Kama'aina Movers does not transport.

  30. Will not repair pressed board or simulated wood furniture. Much of the budget priced furniture today is made from a press wood or wood byproduct material with a photograph of wood grain attached. Some of the wood grain look is simply paper and some is very thin plastic material like on lower end kitchen cabinets. This type of material is not structurally strong, especially if it has screws, since the screw threads have no real grain to embed into, just crumbly pressed wood chips held together by a binding agent. It is not repairable and we have seen items crumble from the smallest vibrations riding in a truck across town. We will do our best to move it successfully for you, but are not responsible for damage.

  31. Payment: Cash or Credit Card.  No Checks.  Credit cards are paid online plus $25.

Should you have any questions regarding our policy, please contact us.