Moving Rates
2guys W/Truck 3guys W/Truck 4guys W/Truck
Rates $160hr $180hr $215
2 Hours Service $320 $360 $430
3 Hours Service $480 $540 $645
4 Hours Service $640 $720 $860
5 Hours Service $800 $900 $1075

Moving Tips To Save Money

  1. Be ready! Not being ready and organized without doubt will cost more.
  2. Save money on your moving expenses by doing the packing and unpacking yourself.
  3. Plan packing as soon as you know that you are moving.  Pack items first which you don't use often.
  4. Pack all small items in boxes.  Everything boxed will save time loading /unloading and transporting.  If possible, use uniform size boxes for ease of stacking in moving truck.  Also make sure boxes are completely filled to give the box strength for stacking.  Don't over filled, box tops not closed makes it very difficult to stack.  If contents permit, use medium size boxes to prevent being too heavy.  Always tape closed each box to maintain box strength.  Pack all cartons tightly.  Use packing tape to support a fully packed carton.  
  5. It helps us to know which boxes are heavy/strong or light/weak.  Please separate the two box types.
  6. Wrap long items (brooms, mops, bed rails...) tightly together with tape or shrink wrap to save many loading trips.
  7. Leave a cleared passageway to beds, couches,  thin flat glass/mirrors and large furniture.  Because we load them first in that order.
  8. Use color coded tape to signify fragile boxes.  Or Clearly mark FRAGILE on the outside of the carton.  Separate breakables and non-breakables.  Use news papers inside the carton top and bottom to provide good cushioning.
  9. Clearly designate boxes which must remain in an upright stacked position.
  10. Mark the contents and room destination on the outside of the carton.
  11. If moving to storage, please have a variety of cardboard (any size will do) to be used to protect furniture while in storage.
  12. Disassemble furniture (extended computer tables, bed frames, big tables, couch legs, or anything for safety, weight, big or space consuming...) that won't fit through doors or difficult to place in truck.
  13. Secure or remove removable shelves from cabinets/bookshelves.  Also secure the doors of cabinets from opening accidentally.
  14. Notify us of any item that may need special attention because of weak construction, expensive or special handling instructions..
  15. Designate and plan a good parking space for moving truck to load/unload..
  16. Get rid of unwanted items.  Use Craigslist to sell or donate.  We can drop-off to a local thrift shop if you wish (time is money).

Of course if you are not able to do any of the above, we will provide the service for you.  They're just honest tips to save us time and you money.